April 17, 2011

I See Spots - Original Oil Painting of Rooster

I See Spots
12 x 16 Oil
© 2011 Deb Kirkeeide. All Rights reserved

I've discovered fancy chickens.  I never knew there were so many kinds. And I just found out a friend  of mine has a neighbor who is raising fancy chickens so I will be making a trip over for a photo shoot soon!
I've been getting my studio ready for the upcoming Lake Minnetonka Arts Tour April 30 and May 1st.
So I've been cleaning, and moving furniture and framing and hanging - and here I thought it would be easier to be a host rather than a guest!
If your in the area, stop by - I'm studio 17 on the map.


Roger Seddon said...

Wish I could drop in but it's a bit far to travel. Glad to hear you are spring cleaning. I think you have hit on a great idea painting hens, chickens and roosters.This proud fellow looks perfect.

Vinayak said...

lovely painting! You ahve made use of the blue so skillfully. Best wishes for the Art Tour.

Lisa Whitener said...

Hi Deb! I am loving your work, and am really drawn to your beautiful animals! I'm a fairly beginning painter and find myself painting more animals than anything which is NOT what my initial intentions were! Or should I say - I seem to be more successful at animals. I guess it is my fate being raised on a farm. Absolutely beautiful work!

Double "D" said...

Hey Deb,

This is really something to crow about .... sorry.
Obviously spring is a rebirth for you. I notice an
excitement and true passion for your painting.
This spotted dude is strutting proudly around the
barn yard. Keep painting Deb.