April 5, 2011

Sun Kissed

Sun Kissed
12 x 18 Oil
 ©2011 Deb Kirkeeide

This may look familiar - it is a larger version of a little study I did a few weeks ago. I love these heavy sunflowers - there's something kind of sensuous and feminine about this one.
Today is definitely sun kissed and feeling like spring. It's amazing how the sun gets the energy flowing after the long winter. Spring fever has definitely set in, I have daydreams of traveling west to to the mountains to paint. Or maybe to the southwest to visit Santa Fe, paint the light there and absorb the art culture or...maybe the Pacific Northwest - so many places to go! I would love to pack up the car and hit the road for the summer.


mermaid gallery said...

road trip and paint!...how fun would that be....maybe one day...but ..you, go, girl!...love the sunflower....


oh, you know i am ALWAYS up for a road trip - anywhere - any time! a true gypsy at heart! and how i love your sunflowers - this one magnificently done! have a great sunny remainder of the day, dear lady!

ed pilolla said...

i like this. the sunflowers usually photographed or painted display the sunny flower face upward. from what i understand, the symbolism associated with sunflowers is adoration becuz they follow the trajectory of the sun. i get a feel of the weight of this flower in this piece.