July 8, 2013


11 x 14 Oil 
©2013 Deb Kirkeeide.
This is another painting on clayboard. In my journey of experimenting the many types of painting surfaces out there, I am fascinated by how each one somehow "forces" me to paint differently. Maybe force is a strong word, let's just say it encourages new techniques and styles! For some reason clayboard wants wild and loose! At least for me. There is a lot of freedom in that.

This is a bouquet of lilacs that my neighbor so kindly let me pick from her garden.
Thank you!


Egretta Wells blog said...

Got to try Clayboard! Your painting is very nice and I love the loose and soft style.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thank you Egretta! It is challenging, but fun to experiment with these surfaces, you just never know what will show up!