July 12, 2013

Three Sisters

Three Sisters
6 x 8 Oil
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A still life of the Peony sisters. I can't help but think of flowers as feminine entities. 

Always curious about the symbolic meaning of things, I looked them up. Of course, symbolism is subjective depending on your own experience and memories. To me these flowers epitomize femininity and beauty. I think they may be my favorite flower.

Coincidentally, I found this.

The peony also symbolized bashfulness. In Victorian times it was believed that mischievous nymphs hid in its magnificent petals. Symbolizing beauty and romance, the peony is often chosen for weddings. The same generous petals that earn them the symbolic meaning of happy marriage also earn them the symbolic meaning of compassion.

Peonies bloom during or directly after spring, they symbolize female fertility and beauty. In their full bloom, peonies have the symbolic meaning of peace. Sometimes peonies symbolize indignation.
It is the state flower of Indiana. The peony is the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

I kind of like the idea of nymphs hiding in their petals! I wonder if that's why I've seemed to misplaced a few things in my studio?

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