May 14, 2017


 Bashful | 6x6 Oil | ©Deb Kirkeeide

This painting is of one of the shy visitors who co-habit my yard. (and living beneath my deck)
This little bunny would probably fit comfortably in my hand, but I'm seeing her more and more as she experiments with her independence. It seemed only a few weeks ago that I saw what I assume to be her parents, cavorting around my yard. as it turns out, the gestation period for rabbits is only 31 days! No wonder they are so prolific!

I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to watch my woodland visitors from my studio window and I try to have my camera ready for any opportunities to record their visits. I have bunnies, racoons, chipmunks, squirrels, a lot of birds, the occasional deer and just the other day, a woodchuck who had ventured onto my screen porch! Note to self: must get that screen door fixed.

Bashful | 6x6 Oil | $185 | Purchase Here

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