May 21, 2017

HAPPY MONDAY | The Glory of Flowers, Collections and Reflections

Girasole Piccolo | 6x6 | Oil on Panel | ©2017

"Girasole Piccolo"- Little Sunflower
I've noticed over the years that I have "collections".  I don't make a conscious decision to collect, but this is a discovery that there are certain symbols that have a strong presence in my surroundings without my realizing. One of these is the sunflower.

It dawned on me one day that I have more than just an inclination to paint them, but they are present in my home. I have a beautiful mosaic mirror that I bought from an artist during a visit to Chicago one year. It simply spoke to me with it's beautiful shape and sunny colors. 

I also have a shrine in my studio that holds collected treasures of stones, feathers, twigs and ornaments. That have meaning to me. It holds a beautiful, carved Goddess watching over me and my creative endeavors. Unknown to me when I got home I realized  it was actually carved to represent a sunflower. 

Symbolically, the sunflower reminds us of the sun. A symbol of hope and optimism. I know certainly feel more energetic and happy when the sun is out in full force! 

And then there is the raven. And the birds that I am so drawn to paint? I'll expand on that on another day!

We surround themselves with elements that are pleasing and attractive to us.  It  is a reflection of our sense of identity and at a deeper level encompasses the wider aspects of our psyche.

What about you? What do you collect? What are the symbols of your life?

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Have a sunny, happy day!

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