June 8, 2017

Davis: The King - A royal rooster portrait!

Davis: The King | 12 x 12 Oil | ©Deb Kirkeeide

Most Saturdays, my daughter volunteers her time providing love, care, conversation and cuddles with the rescue animals at Ching Farm | Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Utah. This rather formal rooster portrait was inspired by her favorite rooster, Davis, who she says struts loud and proud around the barnyard. 

It wasn't until after I painted this that I found out his name. Since he had a penchant for vocalizing and having a royal attitude, I started referring to him as Elvis, The King. But Davis it is and as my daughter pointed out, I was only 2 letters off - not bad considering all the names I could have chosen!

Davis: The King | 12 x 12 Oil | $750 Purchase Here

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