June 3, 2007

Standing Guard

This is one of my plein air pieces from out in Utah. These trees just seemed to be at attention standing guard looking out over the valley. They also reminded me of a scene I might see in Italy. Not sure why exactly, they aren't the same trees but their overall shape is the same.
On an artistic note of another kind, I attended a Vaudeville show last night at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul.
It was a wonderful show and I say that not just because my Dad was part of the entertainment but it was a showcase of incredible talent that many would not be exposed to otherwise. It's always uplifting to see all the talents and gifts so many have to offer. If you ever get to see one, do so, you might discover something new and wonderful.

Standing Guard
6x8 oil on archival canvas panel
copyright 2007 Deb Kirkeeide

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Artoutwest said...

Both of these are incredible Deb, I love them!!