May 18, 2008

Flowering Crab Apple - Plein Air Painting

This one is from my backyard. With the late arrival of spring in this area, the crabapples are finally in full bloom and I had to take time to paint it before it goes away.

FLowering Crab Apple
6x8 oil on canvas panel
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Anonymous said...

Lovely color, do you have other apple trees?

Neda said...

I am in love....with this painting!! I ushers Spring and hope...

Frances said...

I love that expression of the colour. Our crab apple has just come into leaf and the flowers have faded. I can never capture their colour - even on film.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thank you to all for your comments. This tree is the only one in my yard. There are so many in bloom right now and so many shades of pink, white and red. I should maybe go on a photography mission before they are gone.

Joy Logan said...

Your paintings are stunning,loved the sunflowers. Hey fairies are for all the young at heart not just kids,lol.