May 6, 2008

The Old Grey Barn - Sunday Plein Air

Sunday was such a great day. One of those days when you know you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. Another artist and I discovered a studio tour in our neck of the woods and decided to check it out since we've been talking about trying to get one of our own going. So we decided to check it out and go painting afterwards. We met so many great artists all practically in our backyard and talked to the organizer and will probably join the tour next year. Why re-invent the wheel? Right? As most artists know we all feel like we are working in a vacuum at times and I'm hoping to get something put together where we can all meet on a regular basis and share our work and stories.
After the tour we ran to my friend's house, checked out the progress on her house remodel (I'm trying to get them to adopt me - it's so gorgeous)had some lunch on the deck and headed down the road to paint. It's been a cold spring and everything is about 3 weeks behind so there isn't a lot of color yet except the surreal green of the grass.
We set up in the ditch next to the road with a view of the barn and painted away while we discussed life and art. Fabulous!

The Old Grey Barn
6x8 Oil on canvas
$145 plus $12 SH
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

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Neda said...

I have attended a few studio tours here in Austin and it has always been very rewarding. I am interesting in your idea of setting up a similar project. How would you go about doing that? Will you offer a workshop with that? A painting exhibit? Pray tell :)