June 9, 2008

Give Me Your Answer, Do - Daisy Painting

This painting has gone through several incarnations of itself, upon itself. Not being quite satisfied with its original look I thought I would just add a few touches to give it some spark, that was not a smart thing to do - I kind of ruined it. So I put it away for a while, pulled it out later to see if I could salvage it and came up with another version. After looking at it awhile, I again decided I could jazz it up a little. Another assumption on my part....I started in on it, tried a palette knife approach and decided to go to bed before I threw it out the window for the racoons to play with. In the morning as I was about to scrape all the paint off the canvas I tried one more approach and I think I finally came up with one I like! Whew!

So there you go... the fresh, spontaneous and effortless approach to one artist's painting. And really, if you purchase this painting it's like getting three paintings in one...what a value!

The name for this one came from the song Bicycle Built For Two. It's really dating me right now to admit that isn't it? But really it's something I heard as a child...from my grandparents...really

Give Me Your Answer Do
10 x 10 Oil on stretched canvas
$200 + $12 shipping

Contact me for purchasing details. kirkeeide@mac.com

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