June 29, 2008

Sun Kissed Cottage

This is a commission that will end up being one of two house paintings that will be a gift. I have to say I really like how this one has turned out and it really is better in person.

Sometimes,in those early stages of a painting, I often wonder how this mess of paint strokes will ever come together to look like something. Most of the time they do and we have a painting. Even I am amazed at how I manage to pull it off.

And then there are the other times. Like this morning. As I was sitting on my porch I became fascinated with the way the morning light was coming through the leaves and hitting the branches of the tree, so I ran in and hauled out my paint gear and set to painting. well.... this time the mess stayed a mess - three times. I wiped it.(3 times) Plein Air painting is hard. For one, I feel like I am always in a race to finish before everything changes. Between the light changing, the wind blowing everything around and the complicated perspective I chose, it just wasn't meant to be, although it really makes me even more determined to find the right approach for achieving success. While I love the idea of it, I seem to spend a lot of time with no material results - at least none that I would show. I know it will certainly help me grow as an artist but I do find it difficult, frustrating and glorious all at the same time.

Sun Kissed Cottage
8x10 oil on canvas panel

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Takeyce said...

Beautifully rendered, Deb! I just love it.

Christine DeCamp said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this painting--esp. the free handling of the paint--something I am trying to get better at. Your paintings are lovely--keep up the good work!

Joy Logan said...

Love how you captured the shadows and light! Yes I can feel the moment in this piece.

Neda said...

Deb!!! So nice to meet you finally!!! WHAT A GORGEOUS PICTURE!! YAY!!


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks so much to all of your comments.
And yes, Neda, the mysterious woman behind the paintings is revealed- I really do have a face! ;)