July 5, 2009

Grandfather Tree 07.05.09

Aah...the best of plans.

Here is another study of my tree. I forced it out of me to prove that I really could still paint. I think this tree would be perfect for a big old tree house. I would love that. Just me and the squirrels.

I was very excited to have three days to paint this weekend. Had lots of ideas that I wanted to finish up and to spend time exploring new ones. My muse evidently decided to take the weekend off and head to the lake. Smart gal. It is out of sheer stubbornness that I have this to show. I have one that I have started and wiped four times now. The rest, well they just didn't seem to go well. I hate when that happens. all I can say is it's a good thing I have other paintings as proof that I really can paint. In my frustration I headed to the coffee shop and spent about two hours journaling - not sure if I solved anything but I have a few hints at what is going on - I think. And perhaps at the bottom of it all is that I should have just taken a break and made some plans. So with that, I am headed to the little french bistro nearby and sitting by the lake and enjoying the rest of the day with a burger I know, not very French, but that's what I'm craving...I'll add some fries and a glass of wine to that. Salut!

Grandfather Tree 07.05.09
8x6 Oil on linen panel

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Chuck Dilmore said...

wow - THAT baby is ALIVE!

love the bark, it's skin.
everything looks very vibrant!
great work, Deb!

also love that you treated yourself
to something delicious...
the food & the view!


Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thank you Chuck. It's always good to get a Bravo. The tree really does have a lot of character with that thick bark and it amazingly shows all of those colors at one time or another depending on the light.

That, or my psychedelic sunglasses....