November 22, 2009

Golden Willow

Painting this week has not gone well!
The larger piece I mentioned in the previous post went through several incarnations and currently sits in the "to be burned" pile. And being determined and stubborn as I am to make this work, I started a slightly smaller version - and it now joins it's bigger sister in the pile as well! But I am determined to make this idea work! And it will probably show up later.
So I have been painting just not anything I'm willing to show at the moment! I hate when that happens!
This is another willow tree from last weeks walk.
Golden Willow
6x8 Oil on linen panel
100.00 + 10.00 S/H

Thanks for your visit!
©2009 Deb Kirkeeide. All rights reserved.


Double "D" said...

Morning Deb,

I like the mood and light in this willow piece!

I understand your frustration and can only
say, hang in there. Maybe you should actually
burn the pile to get rid of any negative vibrations.
H-ll, maybe start throwing brushes and splattering

Keep smiling, it will pass and success will return.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Morning Doug!
Well, I have thrown a few brushes.... and thrown the canvas out the door!
Burning would be very useful. I really do think those canvases hold the negative energy.
I have a friend who just said she smudged a painting with sage because it had originally been done for a former boyfriend, and she didn't want to take any chances with the new one!

Thanks, as always, for your words of wisdom and support!

Calli said...

Lovely painting, Deb.
I have always loved the weeping willows...ever since I was a small child. I suppose, I related to them in some 'mystical' they weep, they are sad and somehow I always resonated with them.

I burn sage periodically as well. I should take your friend's advise and sage all my canvases collecting dust...either that or have a 2 for 1 yard sale ;)

Have a love-filled Thanksgiving, Deb~

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thank you Calli. I somehow never associate sadness with the weeping willows - always think of them as so graceful and ethereal. And feminine.

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
I'm very grateful for the friendships and beauty I have found through this blog. You being one of them.

Calli said...

I think the sadness that I associated was through the eyes of a child. I was so young when I made that 'association' and it was around the time my mother passed away. It's amazing what we take on in thoughts, in impressions when so young. I'm going to now go with your 'association' about the willows. It's so much 'happier'!!!

AND. I too am very grateful for having met you and so many other beautiful souls in this world of blogging.

Roger Dell Seddon said...

Cheer up Deb and don't be sad. Although things may be getting you down at present this is just a temporary blip. I have been feeling very low also and have questioned whether to continue with the struggle. In desperation I went to a life class on Thursday and all went well for the quick poses but five hours of torment followed once the long pose started. I think I will stick to apples and pears until the Muse returns. Chin up and keep smiling.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Roger. This is what I love about this community - we all support and encourage each other.
The painting in question is a figurative and they always kick my butt!
My friend pointed out this is my perfectionism coming through! Ha! I guess so.
I'm smiling, most times!
I just started reading Art and Fear what appropriate timing....;0)

Deborah said...

I'm not an artist, Deb, but my immediate reaction on seeing the willow was, 'Oh man, she's good!'. (And why did I qualify that with 'I'm not an artist'???) Looking further only confirmed that first impression - you have a considerable talent.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my blog and adding yourself to the list of readers.


another beautifully soft and serenely peaceful piece - one that takes us all to a "happy place" - thanks so much for sharing!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Deborah - thank you for that! And thank you for visiting and following along! I'm looking forward to visiting you often.

Gypsywoman - I'm glad I could take you to a happy place with the painting. Thank you!

Chuck Dilmore said...

wow... Deb,
this is wonderful!

almost photographic,
but of a perfect
little lane...

just wanna BE there!
have a Happy Thanksgiving!

peace~ Chuck