November 25, 2009


This one turned out very loose and impressionistic. Sometimes I'm surprised by what comes out. Style changes day to day. Must reflect the mood. Sometimes loose, sometimes more controlled and sometimes a little uptight! I suppose that makes sense because it is our expression in that moment.

This one was commissioned as a gift of gratitude and friendship. Very appropriate for today.

Like many I have much to be grateful for, and as always I am touched by all of you who come by. For the friendships I have forged, for the incredibly gifted and talented people I have discovered and stood in awe of their work, for those who stop by offering their observations and support, those who quietly observe, those who collect my work and those who thought it worthwhile to get me in their inbox everyday! How lucky am I?
How fun would it be for all of us to have a big ol' party where we could actually meet in person? I would love that!
So thank you, all of you! Happy Thanksgiving!


Double "D" said...

Happy Thanksgiving Deb,

Your paintings show such great personality
in each of your dog paintings. You've captured
this guy just right. Of course they also show your
happy personality as well. That's so cool!

It's nice to be one of your blog buddies and friend.
I'm very thankful to have someone like you visiting my blog and leaving encouraging comments too.

Giving thanks,

Katie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mom!! I wish we could be together again on some vacation like we did in Phoenix. Once again, I love this painting (I know I always say that)!

I am very thankful for such a wonderful, beautiful, and talented mother and friend. I miss you so much. Love you lots:)

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Doug - Happy Thanksgiving to you. and thank you. For your encouraging words and visits... and your friendship!

Katie - You made me cry already! I miss you too. Thanksgiving and vacation sounds perfect - I'm up for the traditional T'Giving day Pizza anytime! Love ya!

Calli said...

He's sweet and I am sure made a lovely gift of Gratitude.

Very nice, Deb!

Your words of friendship and gratefulness are mirrored back to you my friend~


what a beautiful spirit emanates from your painting of our canine cousin! your work really captures the essence! great piece!

Lissa said...

Penny absolutely loved the painting! She told me to be sure to give you a big hug for capturing Cassie's spirit.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I'm so happy to hear that Liss.
Hugs back to Penny for me!