December 11, 2008

Evergreen - by Deb Kirkeeide

I woke up late this morning - about the time I'm usually getting around to eating my breakfast before I head out to work. When I hurried into my studio to grab something, I looked out the back windows and there were two deer at the back of my yard. An 8 point buck and a doe. Of course I had to sit down and watch them - what is five - ten minutes more? I love that I have so much wildlife nearby - and I'm only 10 miles from downtown Minneapolis. I also heard coyotes yipping at some sirens the other night. Pretty cool.

6x6 oil on Canvas panel
$85 + $12 S/H

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©2008 Deb Kirkeeide. All rights reserved.


michael mikolon said...

Very good brush work. This is nice stuff, you hit the mark on this one.

Jennifer of VanSuydam Photographers said...

Oh my goodness... So darn pretty!