December 28, 2008

Holiday Glow by Deb Kirkeeide

My daughters keep commenting that I haven't posted in quite a while. What can I say? It's been bust, but I'm getting back into the swing of things. After not painting for a while I admit the rhythm isn't exactly back yet but it's getting there!
This is my neighbor's tree all decked out for the holidays, It's such a welcome sight at night when I come I come home from work. Especially pretty all aglow in the snow.

Holiday Glow
6x8 Oil on canvas panel

Thanks for your visit! Email if interested in this or any other paintings.
©2008 Deb Kirkeeide. All rights reserved.


marjorie wilson said...

Love those snowy paintings Deb. Here in Scotland we don't get much snow at all so depend on all the artists across the pond for Winter Scenes.

Jennifer of VanSuydam Photographers said...

Holy! This is absolutely gorgeous! :)