July 6, 2009

Angel Dreams Study

Although, I'm happy with the essence of this I'm a little iffy and would like to improve on a couple things but I do know she will reincarnate on another canvas. This after all was a study and this is a painting a day (in theory) so here it is. I do love love love the texture of this one and want to do more work using a palette knife. It's really kind of fun once you come up with a technique.
There is no story behind this one - maybe it will come later - the ideas just pop in my head while doodling, one image leads to another and voila! An angel is born. She is looking a little "smirky" rather than angelic, perhaps next time around, although I do like the idea a mischievous angel.

Angel Dreams
8 x 16 oil on panel

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Sue O'Kieffe said...

i like her smirk too. who says angels must be all angelic-like?

Chuck Dilmore said...

ya know...
she is saying SO MUCH!
(yet i am not clear what she is saying!)

an alluring angel.
(always make a day worthwhile.)

i think she's great!
i love that she's ethereal, but not like every other angel that ya see in your neighborhood.

gotta give you a Bravo, Deb.
yet another intriguing work that has me babblin'!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

I agree Sue, smirk is good. Good to hear from you again.

And Chuck, you are right, she's not really your garden variety angel. Let me know if you get clear on what she's saying!
I'll have to sit with her awhile to see what she tells me.

Anonymous said...

I've been privileged to watch this pretty angel mature on Deb's easel and it always seemed to me like she knows something I don't, and she's going to show me if I could just keep up. Like she is saying "you coming?". Sort of an angelic come hither if you will.