July 7, 2009

WIPs - sketching

Works in Progress
I've got about 4 paintings going that are pretty much in sketch form. This is a new process for me. I usually just decide on what I want to paint and dive right in without really thinking it through to much. In most cases this works but in those cases where I hit the wall trying to correct a bad start I thought it would be helpful to take my time in working out the details. (What a concept, eh?) And I've really just in the mood to do this - I keep getting ideas of what I want to paint and I want to get them down before I forget them.

I might try to keep record of my progress as I go along - again, if I remember and don't get caught up in the moment
It should be interesting for even me to see as I really don't seem to have a defined process when I paint. I'm sure the schooled artists would cringe. I've been asked a few times if I teach (and told that I should, I'd get used to it!) and I am absolutely honored that someone would want me to. But I haven't a clue - I still feel like I am learning - I sometimes think of going back to school to study art but then it might just mess me up in my efforts to conform.

So,these are two of the WIPs. Those close to me will recognize these pretty faces.
Stay tuned.

Oh! And in a bit of news, one of my paintings is being featured in Minnesota Lawyer Magazine next month. I'm likin' that!

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Lissa said...

Yep, I recognize those faces! How cool that you have a painting in the mag!

Chuck Dilmore said...

whoa... i'm into WIPs!

it's great to see
how/where something was born!
and tho i don't know these faces,
i can vouch for their beauty.

incredible news!
Ovarb! (a twist on, ya know - that daily B werd of mine.)

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Liss, I thought you would... thanks!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Chuck!
Ovarb - I like it. It could become a new ovational trend.

Peter Gander said...

Lovely sketches Deb. From what I read, plenty of artists don’t do preparatory sketches prior to a painting. There aren't any rules, you just have to find your own way! Some find it too limiting, some find it reassuring. Personally, I do both, it keeps life interesting! petergander.blogspot.com