August 23, 2009

Grandfather Tree - 08.23.09

This is another one from the deck. Got up early and headed out in my pj's. One advantage of not going far for plein air! Love it in the mornings. The light, the stillness. I can hear the birds -no lawn mowers out at that time. I am noticing the songbirds aren't around as much. Are they already heading south? Maybe the resident hawk is the reason. Today all I heard were some crows, the hawk who swooped through the yard and some Wookie bird that I'm thinking belongs in a jungle.

I tried a new type of panel and it just seemed to suck up the paint. What appeared to have a lot of color while I was painting ended up chalky and dull. At least to me. I also tried new brushes so it really looks different from my usual. Ended up looking a little brushy. Not sure I like the result by it may just be growing pains and I'll come to like it.

Grandfather Tree 08.23.09
8x10 Oil on hardboard panel

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Double "D" said...

Good Morning Deb,

I'm liking this one too.
Great use of warm grays on the tree and then the cool grays and blues on the building in the back ground.
On the computer it doesn't look chalky at all. Could be and illusion or a delusion, who knows. Did you gesso the board before? I really like the texture from the sweeping brush strokes created by that.

Nice view from your deck, I love early morning.
Take care,

Calli said...

Very pretty, Deb. I love your use of soft, almost diffused tones.

Morning is such a peaceful, sacred time. And, heading out in pj's is just cool!

Have a lovely week~enjoy!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Doug. It's nice to hear another perspective.It was gessoed. another artists formula. Could be I'm just not used to it yet.
It is a nice view isn't it?

Calli, yes it is very cool to go paint in your pj's! Don't know what the neighbors think though!
I think diffused is a good word. It is a very soft and feminine take on the landscape I think. Thanks!