August 2, 2009

Summer Queen


First of all, I want to thank those who have sent or left such wonderful words of comfort and comments on my last post. I appreciate it so much. I always marvel at the wonderful sense of family that has developed in this world of "Blog". People from all over, some I have never met in the flesh, strangers really, yet all offer such a sense of support to each other. It really is a wonderful thing. Thank you!

The painting.

This one has been a huge struggle. We have fought all along the way! She has been without vision many times (or was it me?) because I just could not get the proportions right. Something still feels off but I can't pinpoint it and it is time to move on. She is nothing like I first imagined, she just evolved into this somehow. I've been reading some books centered around the legends of Avalon and the Queen of Fairy shows up periodically throughout the books. Maybe that is who came out in the painting! You never know!

Summer Queen
10 x 20 Oil on Canvas
650.00 + S/H

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Chuck Dilmore said...

Deb, she's perfect!
love the cropping
the overlay of the flower
the shimmer on her lips

change not a thing!

loved seeing your WIP on 7/7... and now this.
i think she's exquisite!

Chuck Dilmore said...


she knows
much more
than she says.

her eyes
reveal her wisdom.

and i lovvvve the aspect ratio!

Deb Kirkeeide said...

Thanks Chuck, I do appreciate and enjoy your observations.