August 6, 2009


I'm gearing up for my workshop with Marc Hanson next week in beautiful Taylors Falls, MN.
He is a wonderful artist. You can expect some landscapes coming up and hopefully a new approach to my paintings. I'm so happy to spend a solid week painting, although sometimes workshops are a bit going back to school after summer. Will the teacher like me? Will I have anybody to sit with during lunch? Will I get good grades?
Yikes! Some feelings never go away do they? They just change scenarios! Either way it will be good to be away from the routine.
6x8 Oil on canvas panel

Thanks for your visit!
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Double "D" said...

Gorgeous, beautiful and daring.
Nice painting Deb. Again, I'm so glad
I found your blog.


Calli said...

This is gorgeous, Deb! and 'Push Up' such a great capture of the female form...(and oh, yes the marvels of a push up bra ~ so true!) I love 'Moonstone' as well as the meaning behind the gem itself. I have several pieces and this one of yours is so pretty.

All, I keep thinking Deb, is your approach to your paintings is already perfect. I love your work!

I hope you enjoy your workshop.

Chuck Dilmore said...

you kiddin'?
teacher's pet (well deserved) and
The Popular One at lunch!

plus, richly talented and
just a blast to know.
yer gonna do great!
keep us posted!

Don Coker said...

This is beautiful, Deb! Love it.

Deb Kirkeeide said...

aahhh...see what happens when you go away for awhile? All these lovely people come to visit!

Thank you, thank you, to each and every one of you!