August 25, 2009

Mill Creek

One last painting from the workshop. I had this roughly blocked in but not finished and had to finish it up mostly from memory.Not sure if it's my camera or the new brushes but this one looks soft too!

Tonite I met up with some artist friends to attend the preview of the MN State Fair Fine Arts exhibit. We celebrated Kris's piece in the show and the rest of us cried in our beer! Just kidding. We decided we were in good company because some of the local art stars didn't get in either. I submitted my piece French Twist but didn't get in. (I'm not sure what they were thinking!) You just never know what is going to happen when you enter these things.

I have to say we spent most of our time across the street at a picnic table with our wine, cheese and crackers, chocolate and strawberries. The only thing missing was some kind of food on a stick, which is what the fair is famous for. Seriously, this fair is huge! And it's always interesting to see what the food du jour is going to be.
It's a must see if you are here in August. While walking around I hear someone ask if my name is Debbie, (it's been a while since I've been called that) she recognized me from 25 years ago when we worked together. How do people do that? Nice to know I still look the same! Ha ha!

Mill Creek
8x10 Oil on canvas panel

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Calli said...

I find the softness in your paintings, to be very lovely, Deb.

A fair I really enjoyed was the Arizona State Fair. Loved it! If I'm ever in Minnesota in August, I'll have to check yours out!

Your picnic sounded perfect!