August 13, 2007


This is a larger piece than my usual 6x8's. I've found painting in a larger format doesn't always produce the results I expect. Everything changes. The feel of the brushes, larger movements that involve more of the arm instead of the wrist, forgetting to mix larger amounts of paint and they take longer and don't feel as spontaneous. But, practice, practice practice... it's all part of the process. I've been on somewhat of a mission to capture these white lillies. One more and it will time to give them a rest!

I hope you are gazing at the stars - my stars are obscured by approaching storms.

16 x 20 Oil on Canvas

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© 2007, Deb Kirkeeide All rights reserved.


Neda said...

Your paintings are not just about flowers. They go much deeper than their subject and reveal so much of the wonders around us. Your "stargazer" looks like a ballerina .

Artoutwest said...

Beautiful Deb! Georgous color

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i think you have done a nice job of capturing the grace of this flower...

Helen Read said...


V....Vaughan said...

Thank you for your nice comment about my work....YOUR paintings are many beautiful ways to paint flowers...I like how you compose each one so differently!!!!